In the beginning…


A while back, I found a Singer 66 at my local Salvation Army. I had the money to buy it, but not to restore it, so it sat in my apartment for a while. I’ve been using the cabinet as a table for another sewing machine that was being lent to me by a friend.

But then my friend needed his sewing machine back.

After a while of floundering, another friend of mine offered some help to restore my old Singer. Wow! What a guy!

It’s currently in pieces, meaning that picture up there is someone else’s machine. But hey, that’s exactly what it will look like once I get it put back together again!

I’d really like for this to be my primary machine. I know exactly how well-made objects were back then, and I know that once this beauty is cleaned, oiled, and in one piece, it will last me the rest of my life, and then some.

I feel brave for having taken it apart myself. Maybe I really AM a tinker, after all!


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